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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Volvo considering U.S. assembly plant Car

Volvo is planning to build two new assembly plants to serve the rapidly growing Chinese market, in addition to services, but the Swedish carmaker, now says that the plant in North America will be taken into consideration.

Ford has purchased a Chinese company taking over the past year, the Volvo has been a change, which sees more and more global. Now, CEO of the automaker, said that the lack of facilities in North America has been exposed to severe terms of trade the U.S. dollar and Swedish krona.

"A weakness of Volvo Cars is the U.S. dollar exposure, so they are looking to increase our offerings in North America," said CEO Stefan Jacoby told reporters in Frankfurt. "The easiest thing would be to have a large manufacturing presence in North America. We do not care."

Jacoby is well versed in the construction of facilities in the United States, which was previously in charge of Volkswagen in North America, where the manufacturer has decided to open a factory in Tennessee.

Volvo plans to double its worldwide sales to about 800,000 units in 2020. While analysts have suggested that the goal is reasonable in light of its intention to grow in China, a North American plant undoubtedly reinforce the objectives of the manufacturer. The company says it could sell up to 430,000 cars worldwide this year - and not a factory in China.

CEO carmaker does not rule out seeking a partner for a U.S. plant, a move that could help reduce costs and become more flexible in the case of another slowdown in global sales.